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Available Classes

Dance Classes for Everyone


Aerobic Dance with a Twist

This is a high energy, modern aerobic dance class that combines classic dance moves with target workouts to ensure you feel the burn and break a sweat.No dance experience is needed!

Heels Appeal

Beginner/Intermediate Heels

This class will have you leaving empowered as you learn cute, fun moves in your heels and stand in your confidence. Choreography can range from slow and sensual to upbeat and lots of personality. Heels are not required!

Twirls for the Girls

Beginner/Intermediate Pole

This class is for individuals wanting to tap into a sexy side and learn some new pole skills.In this class you learn basic pole tricks and a fun, sexy routine incorporating the skills learned during class.

No experience needed!

Workshop/Private Sessions

Perfect Your Craft

If you have an important dance audition coming up or want to simply improve your dance skills and ability, you can book a group workshop or a solo session to focus on important tools needed to deliver your best performance!

​Services INCLUDE, but NOT limited to: Majorette Workshop, Hip Hop Masterclass, Stretch and Technique Intensive, Turns and Leaps


*You must reach out to the creative director before booking this service

Choreography Consultation

Bring Your Vision to Life

If you need creative guidance and help bringing your artistic vision to life for an event, school program, or special occasion, you can book a consultation with our Creative Director to discuss all of your needs and schedule further sessions.​

Services INCLUDE, but NOT limited to: Black History Program, Wedding Dance, 5th Grade Ceremony, Talent Competition

*You must reach out to the creative director before booking this service 

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